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Most Men Don’t Want To Be Monogamous?
April 6, 2010, 9:00 pm
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Steven A speaks the truth. I think it depends on the guy really. Me personally, I adore women, everything about a woman, from the way she smells, to the fire or lack of in her eyes (which then I want to bring out), to her ever changingness (yes I made that 1 up). As a man I will always be sexually attracted to women or at least to their energies (which is like the spectrum of a rainbow, and each color is something you NEED at a certain point, and where colors blend to form different colors, ahhh a beautiful thing), don’t fault me for that, GOD ingrained it into me. However, what I decide to do with the energies I encounter everyday is what really counts…

At the end of the day, I think I have to allow the woman that I eventually choose to be with, to exhibit all of these qualities (don’t box her in) if she chooses. What I want is some1 that wants to be my rainbow, so maybe I see and admire the beauty of other women (which is inevitable, spontaneous & innocent), and feel inspired by that, without feeling compelled to do something about it because I’m fulfilled/not lacking/unconditionally love my chosen woman. For she is or wants to be the whole spectrum for me, which  takes time to develop, you gotta be patient. That’s my humble opinion…


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